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Did you say you’re looking for a casual, engaging, warm and professional?

Hunter Phoenix Voice Over

Clear, Fresh and Upbeat

Professional Commercial Voice Overs for TV & Radio Commercials, Web Audio or Videos

When you want a natural, conversational, youthful read… kind of like talking to a friend, I can give you the perfect match!

Warm, Informative, Knowledgable and Conversational
Professional Female Narrator for Corporate & Informational Videos, Exercise Videos and e-Learning Software

Have copy that needs a little more of an authoritative tone? Maybe a boss, demonstrator, trainer or knowledgeable product expert – Yup! I’ve got you covered there too.

Are you looking for the right animation voiceover for your project? Listen to my array of Adorable Animals, Quirky Characters and Kookie Accents

Promo Voice Overs can be heard every day on Radio, Broadcast Television and Internet TV. Whether you need a National or Local spot, you want to get the right voice and the right energy for your Promos, Station Imaging and Branding.

Your client’s first interaction with you is probably your website. The second one will be your phone message.

Upgrade the sound of your business with a Professional Phone Greeting, After Hours or Holiday Message or Message On-Hold

More on phone system recordings here

I was so privileged to be a part of this amazing award winning series.

Automated dialogue replacement (ADRvoice over refers to the process of re-recording dialogue, in this case, English language dubbing, using a highly specialized syncing system and a lot of very talented people.

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This is not a demo  Just me! Natural voice – how I got into voiceovers.

Commercials . Narration . Corporate Videos . Radio Promos . Audio Books
Animation Voices . Phone Systems / IVR / MOH

Have questions? Send an email and see if I can help!