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 Thank you for considering me for your voice over needs!

Professional female voice over at a great price!

I’m a trained, professional full-time voice actor with a soundproofed recording studio in LA. 

I have worked in NYC, London and Los Angeles with 15+ years experience.

For most small projects, lightning fast 48 -72 hour turnaround… even on weekends!

Trusted by Clients such as:

Netflix, Disney, Crayola, Chrysler, Chase, PepsiCo, Benjamin Moore Chrysler, Bayer, Mike’s Hard and 1000’s more! 

I Record & Narrate:

  •  Commercials (TV, radio & internet)
  • Narrations (Corporate, Educational, Explainer Videos)
  • YouTube Videos 
  • Instructional / Training videos 
  • Podcasts Intros / Outros
  • Real Estate walk-throughs
  • Phone System + IVR, Voice mail Greetings
  • Video Game Voices + Animate Characters 

… and more!

Tones: Conversational, Corporate, Natural, Dramatic, Engaging, Mom, Confident, Technical, Medical, Casual, Authentic – whatever your project needs!

What’s included with AN order?

  • Commercial Rights (for unpaid media use only)
  • Two revisions (up to 150-words)
  • MP3 or HQ WAV audio file
  • A script is required. 
  • $25 per 5 separate files within one script

What is in included Revisions?

The first free revision includes any editing errors. If you need to make a script revision or would like a different style/tone for the full audio, a charge will incur dependent on word length/technical requirements. Second revisions with new issues may incur a fee.

** Revision includes editing or recording errors **—it does not include script changes or tonal re-records. I pace naturally; Video sync incurs additional fee.

What if I need to change my Requirements?

Once you have sent your requirements, any subsequent changes may incur a fee (and will likely cause a delay.) Because my delivery time is so quick (and even shorter for 24 hour turnaround!) any changes may cause delays. I get to work IMMEDIATELY on most orders; thank you for your understanding.

Can I designate File Names?

Absolutely, but please note that this incurs a fee. Please check my extras or send me a message if you have any questions. If this extra is not purchased, I will adhere to my standard file naming (your projectname_1, projectname_2)


You must request revision within 3 days of delivery, or your order will be marked complete automatically. Once that happens, any further work requires a new order (and incurs a fee.) If you mark revision for individual edits, you MUST include timestamps of where you need work revised.


The revision includes editing errors–it does not include script changes or tonal re-records. Tricky pronunciations/company names/technical words/foreign words require a SPECIFIC sound guide. ** I will check with you first. If I have to guess the pronunciation and it’s incorrect, a fee will incur. 


The background music fee covers underscoring through up to a 4 minute track. If you have a 20 minute file, you need to purchase 5 background music file fees to cover the 20 minutes. I do NOT provide background tracks separately from audio, though I will provide your audio without background music.

Religious Voiceovers / Political Voiceovers / Explicit/Sexual Voiceovers

I don’t do voiceovers that fall into these categories. Thank you for your understanding!

Is this your BEST offer?

Yes. Always. I will always offer my standard pricing per my description and details, so no need to message me asking for “special pricing” as it doesn’t exist. My prices are firm and best offer. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you only provide voiceovers in American English?

While English is my primary language, I am comfortable with some French, (basic conversation) and British accents (I lived in London for several years!) If you have more specific questions, please feel free to send me a message.


If you need a custom order, send me your script for a quote!

Email your script and details to: voiceoverbyhunter [at]

**PLEASE NOTE: Receipt of any materials will immediately confer a non disclosure agreement. This includes keeping these materials and any test read or recordings off of the internet or social media, and not forwarding to anyone other than immediate agents, producers, casting directors or others directly involved in the project.